Its been an amazing month. Early October took us to Boston with a MAMAPALOOZA Rocks Stage in Harvard Square. Rocktoberfest in Boston with witches, parades, Mom-Music and crowds of kids. HRT Band, Housewives On Prozac, Joy Adler and Lisa Martin were just a few of the bands to grace the stage and SING LOUD!

Mid-October I traveled to Great Falls Montana and played to a fabulous crowd of 900 at the ‘What Women Want’ Expo. HOP Band played to a full house and Saturday events took me on a personal speaking tour with ‘Live Loud – Becoming Women of Unlimited Self-Esteem’. We explored our love, loss and journies of discovery together.

Toronto was the next stop for the ARM Conference, led by Dr. Andrea O’Reilly, founder & director for Association for Research & Mothering. MAMAPALOOZA artists Alana Ruben Free, ‘Beginner At Life’ and Christin Clifford ‘BabyLove’ also performed moving presentations that explored their respective motherhood paths.

Last stop – Chicago, for the Marketing2Moms Conference with Disney, Motherwork, Hybrid Mom, Hot Moms, Moms Easy Chair, Cafe Moms, and a host of others. Programs were intended to educate and inspire while attendees convened to network with head-buzzing speed.

IT WAS ALL A GRAND ADVENTURE! Everyday I had a chance to talk about how much I LOVE what I do! Extending opportunities to women who are artists, educators and performers ROCKS MY WORLD! Joy!


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