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Living Loud, just may be the last moniker you’d expect for a socially conscious ‘Personal Development’ column. If Buddhism tells us to walk mindfully in quiet contemplation, then Living Loud must sound like something straight out of the Ozzy Osbourne reality TV show.

‘Living Loud’ on a spiritual path does not mean that we literally shout at each other. It does mean we embrace personal development, and cultivate the ability to regulate the volume in the expression of our spirit (that serves our own growth). Everyone’s had the sensation of swallowing tears, hurt, anger or frustration; being silenced emotionally, mentally and ultimately spiritually. With time, many of us forget how to live without feeling silenced.  We live in a quiet that is not serene and meditative, but repressed and suffocating.  And in that quiet we forget how to turn the volume back up in our lives.

Living Loud is to embrace the vivid colors of our experience, the abundant creativity that is inherent in us all, and the brilliant (and sometimes chaotic) chorus our children’s voices that often dominate our lives as mothers.  It is to use your life’s journey as inspiration – and not frustration.  It is to live in the possibility of finding and harnessing what is great within us, and then giving ourselves complete freedom to express our discovery with full voices to our partners, our friends, our children and our world.

I have come to find my ‘voice’ honestly. I’ve had songs on the Billboard dance charts and stood on stage in front of thousands of people dressed in sequins and glitter. I have survived SLE, chemotherapy and four natural child births. I’ve studied yoga, Reiki and anatomy. I graduated college, attended Julliard, appeared on CNN, BBC and NPR.  Whether it was the ‘path’ to motherhood, hospital, classroom, church or nightclub, mine has been a colorful journey that has led me from the ashram, to rock and roll and back.  But in the journey the ultimate goal has always been the same – to live a life that has meaning, to cultivate self-awareness, consciousness, and kindness.

I’ve spent the better part of seven years as the President of MAMAPALOOZA INC. and have spread the message of Living Loud by empowering thousands of women to express themselves through their art, but ultimately through trust in their spirit.

I have been on the journey with extraordinary women comics, poets, musicians, educators, entrepreneurs and mothers of babies, teens and grown children; each one an everyday hero in her own right.  And together, through the union with this incredible community of women, I have come to understand there’s no chart for greatness, it’s a long slow process of simply listening and being listened to and giving yourself the strength and freedom to live, and Live Loud.

I look forward to sharing with you the wisdom I have acquired through my colorful path, and through being touched and illuminated by the thousands of women I have had the privilege to meet through Mamapalooza.  I will share with you the tools, spark thoughts, and inspire moments that will allow you to turn up your own spiritual volume.

*Originally published  on The Lohasian 


3 responses to “The Lohasian

  1. Hey, read this sh*t. It’s good!

  2. I find a tremendous amount of inspiration from Joy and Mamapalooza. I’m currently pursuing a 2nd degree in Music/Recording Arts, something I had been thinking about for a long time. I’m thrilled to find there are other Mom’s out there with similar interests! Rock On!

  3. Joanne Rocks! As a Mom. As a Friend. As an Individual. And, as a student!

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