Love of MAMAPALOOZA from Octavia

This BLOG ENTRY from OCTAVIA! Mother in the Arts 1/29/08

I appreciate that there is a special organization for Mom’s in the creative arts! Mamapalooza is a wonderful support for Mothers choosing to retain their art when they also have family.
For ones happiness and growth, it is exceedingly important to be just who you are. To share that message by example with your children, is equally important.

It’s special to have an organization with people who understand, the juggle between motherhood and the passions that define you.

Far too long women have been surpressed by society, and unfortunately, in many cultures remain so to this day.
Kudos’ to Mamapalooza for recognizing, and supporting talented Mom’s in every aspect of the arts, and placing them on stages that would ordinarily be closed to them at festivals.

This gift gives them a place to highlight their arts so the world can appreciate just how terrific they are!

We are many, We are strong, and many thanks to Mamapalooza, and all the very best to all of you wonderful Ladies in the New Year!

Video of “Octavia & the Earthblood Blues Band” Octavia holds a harp note for 1 minute and 25 seconds!


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