‘Rock Star Mommy’ – The Book

‘Rock Star Mommy’ – The Book

I’ve known Judy Davids for the better part of four years now. We might have gone a little longer without a connection if The Wall Street Journal hadn’t done an article connecting Mom Bands across America. I consider Judy and The Mydols as one of the Fab-Five — The original pioneers of this genre. Those first bands were: Housewives On Prozac, The Mydols, MotherLode Trio, Placenta and Frump*.

When I first heard Judy was writing a book about her experiences as a Rocker and a Mother, I wasn’t the least surprised. Judy’s always gone out and done exactly what her heart told her to do. If she hadn’t then The Mydols would never have formed in the first place.

It was Judy who got the crazy idea, that her forties would be the most Rockin’ yet, and she started asking around the soccer field if any other Mothers might wanna join up. She started playing the guitar at a time in life when many women decide it’s time to buy clothes with elastic waistbands and go into hiding for a slow fade off into middle age.

Rock Star Mommy chronicles Judy’s journey from Soccer Mom to Rocker Mom and you can count me as one of her biggest fans. She’s not only the event coordinator four years running for the Detroit Mamapalooza Festival, but she’s garnered consistent media, print, and tv interest as a lively and fascinating example that we are able to reinvent ourselves in the direction of our dreams.

Whether bopping to The Mydol Twist or whooping it up onstage at events like Oakland Art & Soul Festival, where Judy and her band joined us for a MAMAPALOOZA ROCKS! Stage in 2007, she is sure to inspire and delight. Go out and buy her book today. It’s ‘ROCK STAR MOMMY’ wherever books are sold. http://www.judydavids.com

*(Placenta and Frump bands listed have gone on to re-form with different names and different members.)



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  1. Thank you Joy for starting off this wonderful virtual book blog tour for Judy Davids and her book Rock Star Mommy. You can find the schedule for this tour on http://www.judydavids.com.

    Thanks again Joy!


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    Virtual Assistance and Online Promotion
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