Don’t Let the Internet Take Away Intimacy Out of Your Life

Don’t Let the Internet Take Away Intimacy Out of Your Life
by Julie Brosterman, CEO & Founder, Women & Wine

It wasn’t so long that I delighted in the internet. When friends that I hadn’t seen in years saw me on the cover of USA Today or in Time Magazine, they’d shoot me an email to say “you go girl” with a short update of their latest happenings or a picture or two.

I used to say “the internet is so great – email is like getting a letter everyday”.  But I’m rethinking how I feel about communicating via email.

My messages are getting shorter. My texting briefer. And I can’t remember the last time I hand wrote a thank you note. I finally realized what’s wrong.

I miss the sound of the human voice. I miss the person at the other end of the line laughing at my bad jokes. I miss laughing at my own bad jokes…
I miss the hug. The touch. The grasp of their hand.

And I’ve talked to several people I know about this. And have read up on it too. And there seems to be this consensus that while the internet helps us make some incredible connections to people who are across the world or right next door it’s also reducing the number of hugs we get on a daily basis. The smiles we see. The bread we break.

That’s why I love what I do. I connect people over a glass of wine. A story. A meal. A trip – or bringing that experience into your own home. Because at the end of the day – literally – we need to slow down just a bit and take some time with friends and family to take this all in.

And as women – and mothers – we can change the dynamics of how we all communicate with one another by bringing wine into our homes. By taking the time over a meal to sit – and talk – and share – and relish memories and make new ones. Women set the tone for the socialization of what goes on in the home. We “set the mood” for whether meals will be eaten with the T.V. on or whether we will linger at the table until everyone has shared their day.

We are responsible creating nurturing souls – who will grow to care about  you and me and the planet we live on.

So the next time you’re about to email a friend to wish them Happy Birthday – or congratulations – or aa word or two of consolation – pick up the phone instead, invite them to meet you and share a glass of wine and a bit of time instead.


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