Spiritual Punk Motherhood


Reprinted from Julia Fenster

Last night I attended an opening night event for Mampalooza, an arts conference and festival celebrating motherhood. The room was filled with an array of supporters from members of the Association for Research on Mothering (part of York University in Toronto), to Alana Ruben Free who publishes the Mom Egg Literary Journal to entrepreneurs, musicians, artists and writers. And of course in their midst, floating across the room was the always outrageous, outspoken and punkishly glamorous Joy Rose, founder of Mamapalooza (who also writes the “Living Loud w/Joy Rose” column on The Lohasian).

The energy in the room was filled with the raw excitement of creativity as women readily exchanged business cards and discussed projects and business’ – in many ways a typical networking event. But what made this event unique, and the events that follow this weekend in NYC, is less the fact that these women happen to be mothers but that they are women who celebrate themselves as fully expressed individuals in light of the challenges of motherhood. For some motherhood is the very subject of exploration in their creative work. For others creativity is nurtured in, and manifested through, parts of oneself that are totally separate of their identity as a mother. The beauty of what Mamapalooza represents is that mothers are to be self defined instead of socially defined, and allows for each women to discover her own individual self – separate of social constructs. http://www.thelohasian.com/2008/05/spiritual-punk-motherhood-inside.html



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