Momz Hot Rocks Film Features The Women Of Mamapalooza & Joy Rose
Edendale Pictures is revved up to release the premiere edition MOMz
Hot ROCKs on DVD April 9th, 2009.

The film will be doing the festival circuit beginning this summer, so
thrilled and thankful to receive early acceptance to the 13th Annual
Rhode Island International Film Festival, a great one in Providence

The new music documentary features none other than the real moms who  rock, the women of Mamapalooza. Featuring Joy Rose, lead singer of Housewives on Prozac, founder of Mamapalooza, the Motherhood foundation, MomsRising blogger and 2009 NOW recepient, Judy Davids, founder and gutarist of the Mydols, author of Rock Star Mommy,  Rachel Yellow of Placenta, Oakland activist, Hip Mama blogger, Frump of Dallas, Detroit’s sweet Candy Band and Nashville comic Sue Fabisch.

Never mind the laundry, director Kate Perotti puts us in the
passenger seat for a fun fast paced view into what it takes to make
mom rock.

See more info, Mamapalooza, band links and of course purchase your
very own copy/ies with a chance to win a pink Daisy Rock Guitar at

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