Company Hires Woman To ‘Mother’ It’s Employees

MAMAPALOOZA Thursday, May 21, 2009

Watching a business grow. ~ A “mom’s” perspective

It’s official, I’m a mom. Anyway, that’s what my card says: “Company Mom.” What can that possibly mean? It means that when I get introduced to our clients or our vendors as the “company mom” I get just a hint of an eye roll (much like those of my formerly at-home children), or at the very least, that little wrinkle between the eyes that says “huh?” quite distinctly. It says that at any given time I can give “the look” and most, if not all of the team at Imagine Marketing pays attention. It means I can set rules, regulations and restrictions. What that title means most to me, though, is that I have joined a team of young, energetic, incredibly bright, enthusiastic and creative people. Read More Here.


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