The Conversation Continues for Feminists & Society At Large


There’s a lot of dialogue going on right now about modern feminism, and for me that’s ALL good.

Mamapalooza Rocks!

Mamapalooza Rocks!

It’s like the political race between Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton. The fact that two women stood on the podium last year, shows progress. As a Feminist I am celebrating the conversation, and trusting that ultimately the journey towards gender respect, financial empowerment and the absence of domestic violence are goals we all need to work towards and are the core issues for what true ‘equality’ stand for.

I could go on forever but want to pass the baton to the gender bender blog today for some interesting thoughts HERE.

Also for those looking for an ongoing discussion that embraces the academic, the spiritual, the artistic and the cultural, look no further than the ongoing MAMAPALOOZA Festival and Conference in New York City this week.

Four days and three nights of back to back maternal presentations in partnership with The Association For Research On Mothering and MAMAPALOOZA.

For a full schedule of events May 28-31st day and night, check out the schedule. You can just SHOW up for most events for a nominal fee and some are FREE!


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