ARM/ Mamapalooza Conference, NYC 2009
It was amazing to spend time with Dr. Phyllis Chesler at the ARM/Mamapalooza Conference. Her latest book: Women’s Inhumanity To Women’ is a great compliment to one of my all time favorite books, ‘Women And Madness’.

Dr. Phyllis Chesler and Joy Rose

Dr. Phyllis Chesler and Joy Rose

Over 250 women (and men) attended The ARM/Mamapalooza Conference in New York City, where subjects relating to Maternal Feminism were explored, debated, presented and enjoyed.

Day long presentations by experts, students and artists from around the country complimented evening performances at Bowery Poetry Club, Arlene’s Grocery and other preeminent locations around Manhattan.

Subjects were diverse and so were the attendees who ranged in age from 80 to 20 with children floating in and out. Hopes moving forward include continuing the dialogue between scholars and pop-culture, moms and daughters, artists and business-women who want to explore conscious evolution while expanding and empowering the roles of mothers in society and in the home. Congrats to my wonderful partners The Association For Research On Mothering and all those who participated. I am a better, smarter and happier person because of the material presented last week. ~ Joy Rose


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