Moms Stay-at-Home-Survival Book


By; Kellie Davis/ This article originally appeared in

Among the things that I wish I’d had when I started having kids at the tender young age of 19 that we have now but didn’t have then, I would wish for maternity clothes that worked with the bulge and not against it, effective generic (store brand) diapers, and Melissa Stanton’s book,

The Stay-at-Home Survival Guide

This book rocks! Most mothers know that staying home does not mean sitting on their bottoms eating bon-bons, but few know how much work and isolation will be involved once they start. Most of today’s women become stay-at-home mothers after being in the workforce for some time. Many of us did not have mothers who stayed at home and we had no concept of what it would be like. We didn’t know that our sex lives and desires would change as we aged. (A tip to the 20 year old out there: peel-me-off-the-ceiling sex doesn’t last forever. As the body ages and more demands are put on parents, as their own parents age and don’t’ want to take care of the grandkids from time to time, the passion can fizzle.) We are shocked by the mind numbing lives and routine that take over where we once had stimulating discourse and frantic meetings and deadlines. More


One response to “Moms Stay-at-Home-Survival Book

  1. Cool website Joy Rose. I found you via Kellie’s review of my book, which I learned about via Facebook. Thanks to Kellie for cheerleading the book (which, by the way, was published by Seal Press, a feminist imprint of Perseus Books). Thanks to you for reprinting her review.

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