Woman Is Arrested For Wearing A ‘T Shirt’ At Beach


By Phyllis Chesler

An Interview with Asma’a Al-Ghoul

Asma’a Al-Ghoul is a Palestinian secular feminist who has written poignant, heartbreaking pieces about honor killings and women’s rights in Gaza. Last month, Asma’a quit her job at Al Ayaam because her subject matter got her into “trouble” at work. She is also the journalist who was arrested over the weekend by Hamas’s “morality” police, ostensibly for “laughing immoderately” and for “immodest” clothing at the beach.
Nevertheless, increasingly, Hamas officials have been cracking down on women and on western ways. They have “urged shopkeepers to take down foreign advertisements which show the shape of women’s bodies and to hide lingerie which is currently displayed in windows. Officials search electronic shops to check if they are selling pornography on tiny flash drives.” Click here for full story.
Dr. Chesler’s latest book is: Woman’s Inhumanity to Woman


2 responses to “Woman Is Arrested For Wearing A ‘T Shirt’ At Beach

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  2. So you can get arrested for wearing a T-shirt on the beach? We got arrested for tossing orgonite into the Cahora Bassa Dam. To find out what this was all about, read http://orgoniseafrica.com/blog/?p=80

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