Jamie Cat Callan Serves Up The Perfect Summer Dinner Party


Jamie Cat Callan

I was in Brookline, Massachusetts last week talking to about 50 women about French women and their unique approach to love. We came to the subject of dating and I explained how French women don’t date, but rather they host dinner parties in their homes or go out in groups to cafes and bars. Married and singles mix and the group is intergenerational.


The gals in the room agreed this sounded like a great idea, but one questioned how it was possible in America where we lead such divergent and busy lives. Well, another woman suggested that the women in the room (all Francophiles) get together as a group. The next thing you know, we created an email sign up list and they all decided to meet two nights later at a wonderful lounge/bar/restaurant in Cambridge called “The Enormous Room.”

I just received a report and guess what–the night was an incredible success! Some brought husbands or boyfriends. Some came alone and some brought friends. And the next meeting will be a potluck at one of the women’s homes.

So, is it difficult to find good company and friendship and laughter and fun and yes love a la Francaise here in America? Apparently, it’s tres facile!

Check out Jamie at www.jamiecatcallan.com


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