Ready to Rock!

Mamapalooza started in 2002 when a few close girlfriends and I were looking
for ways to support and empower mothers.

Fast forward almost 7 years, 100 million media impressions, thousands of
mom-branded businesses and performance projects, 1/2 million dollars and
countless hours on location and behind the computer, along with the launch
of our updated website – and you get the idea.

When Mamapalooza started, my rock band, ‘Housewives On Prozac’ was the
first of it’s kind. It took five years of shouting from the rooftops,
stages, mom blogs and magazine pages before the concept of ‘Moms That Rock’
was really born.

Now the movie ‘Momz Hot Rocks’ is making it’s way in film festivals across
America. You can see a trailer here about the Mom Movement that shook

Mostly we just wanna send you good vibes and love. Keep up the great work
Mamapalooza Loves YOU!
Claire and Joy


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