‘Real’ men are feminists

By:  Chhandita Chakravarty , Sat, Jul 18, 2009

reprinted from Merinews
Feminism Movement : ‘Real’ men are feminists

SINCE WHEN has being called a feminist become an insult?


I have called myself a feminist, and a proud one at that! Last time I checked the dictionary, defined a feminist as:
Noun1. Feminist – a supporter of feminism
Adj.1.feminist – of or relating to or advocating equal rights for women; “feminist critique.”

Since when did asking for equal rights became a ‘bad’ thing? Of late, I have noticed the trend to brand an independent woman as a feminist and the woman refuses to accept that brand.

Maybe it’s because of the rabid feminists out there, who tend to over-react on issues, which really are – non-issues. A beauty pageant is not a means to oppress women for god’s sake. Jokes about women maybe in bad taste but they definitely do not oppress us women! Yes, women who create these issues are extremists and I dislike extremists of all kinds – be it religion, animal rights, and yes women right.

But that does not mean that all women who call themselves feminists are such extremists! I definitely am not!
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COMMENT: As someone who’s hard at work editing a film about Maternal Feminism, ‘You Say You Want A Revolution’, I can tell you, we need to talk about these definitions and what they mean to us as well as the next generations of mothers and others – Joy Rose


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