Moms Role Depicted In Art – Leaps For Feminist Moms


July 28, 2009  By Liz Wylie at

77074NewS.113.20090728134713.15SF2007LifePreserver_20090729 The subject of childbearing in art as depicted or explored by women artists has a short and recent history, at least in terms of works of art that have survived and been collected and preserved. In fact, considering this topic can plunge one into the thorny patch of questions stemming from the big central one: Why have there been so few women artists? the answer, as we now have known for some time, is that there were many women artists, but we do not know much about them, and have very few surviving works.

For feminist artists, beginning in the 1960s, the only way to make any headway in the art world was to pursue male media and subjects, so, for example, Judy Chicago of the famed Dinner Party of 1979, first began by working with pyrotechnics (explosions of chemicals producing light and sound) and Helen Frankenthaler, the most famous woman painter in the second generation of the New York School, worked using the current dominant male form language (to use a phrase coined by Judy Chicago). Read more….


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