Don’t Tell Me to Shut Up!

LIVE FROM NEW YORK – It’s JOY ROSE starring in Don’t Tell Me To Shut Up Radio on
Starting this week on Wednesday evenings at 7PM (EST) and rebroadcast Monday’s at NOON (EST), Joy Rose dives into online radio, commentary and culture. As founder of Mom Rock and as acting Executive Director of MAMAPALOOZA, Joy wants to know what Moms have to say.

“Empowering women’s voices and creating forums for them to be seen and heard, embodies everything my work is about.” -Joy

After founding an entire culture of Mom-Branded Entertainment, Joy is now vested in sharing it with the world. Each show will feature interviews, mom-music, special guests and expert advice. But, she cautions, don’t expect us to tell you how to be a more ‘perfect’ mother. Joy is more concerned about nurturing that vital, creative soul at the center of woman-kind. She believes that happy, fulfilled people make the best parents and we need to work harder as a culture to support more honest, respectful communication.

“Happiness is not putting yourself in a box. Motherhood and caregiving cannot be stereotyped. We need to cultivate the wholeness of the people who are doing this important work.” -Joy

Whenever we hold people up to unrealistic standards and bypass people’s real-life struggles, victories and pain, we invite depression in. We also teach our children to sacrifice conformity, instead of true expression.

Find out more at and please write us here:

Also, check out ‘Black Pain’ a book by Terrie Williams that addresses similar issues. “The stoicism blacks are taught in order to not appear weak in the eyes of other black people only leads to denial and isolation. Williams argues persuasively that blacks are not alone. She begins with her own tribulations with depression. From there, she examines how depression is expressed by black men, women and children, and shares the stories of scores of others: rich, poor, successful, incarcerated.” More here:

Much love and empowerment until next week.

Joy Rose~


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