Have We Come A Long Way Baby?


Today I read an article by XUP. Insightful. Real. Scary. I’ve posted some of it here XUP:


I recently realized that my daughter’s circle of friends operates within 1950’s boundaries when it comes to dating. Even with all the stuff that goes on in high schools these days, the girls still wait to be asked out by the guys.

I often wonder exactly what our sisters in the 1960s accomplished. I’m not quite old enough to remember life for women prior to “women’s liberation”, so maybe there’s a whole bunch of stuff we just take for granted. But I have to wonder sometimes how it is we burned our soft cotton bras four decades ago and have ended up with upholstered, wired, polyester ones instead. (metaphor).

The feminist movement opened up professional and blue collar jobs that used to be held only by men. This was supposed to give women options. I’m thinking we got a little screwed here. Because now we have to work, we don’t really have an option. We have to work because before women hit the workforce full-on, housing cost one week’s salary. Now, it costs two weeks’ salary, which means we need two salaries to cover the same expenses we used to be able to cover with one. Check XUP out for the full article….


One response to “Have We Come A Long Way Baby?

  1. I want to give you big fat props for not being afraid to call yourselves feminists!! It’s awesome to know there is some sort of women’s movement still going on in the world when so many of women have devoted their lives to being man-bait

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