Be a Role Model: Follow Your Dreams!

Be a Role Model: Follow Your Dreams!

By Britt Michaelian, M.A.

There’s no doubt about it.  The love a mother feels for her children is profound, but in this incredibly beautiful experience of motherhood, many moms also disconnect from their dreams.  With constant demands on our time, energy and attention, it is easy to see how some moms can get lost in the very role of being the mother.  Now, take a moment to acknowledge the power a mother holds when she has her own personal goals and takes active steps to follow them.  By having ambition and taking an active role in her destiny, she is showing her children how to follow their dreams!  Mothers are role models and children do as we do, not as we say.  Right?

The reality is that when everything in a mother’s life becomes about her children, her own needs, wants and desires get lost in the shuffle.  In addition, children can see this lack of self-care as an unconscious example to follow.  Ask yourself this question: Do you want your children to follow their dreams or live a life that consists of fulfilling their obligations?  The majority of moms want their children to be happy which means the answer to this question is that you want your children to spend their lives pursuing their dreams!

So, just as the flight attendants demonstrate on airplanes, we must remember we cannot truly encourage and support our children in their efforts unless we put our own oxygen masks on first!  This act of self-care is not selfish, it is necessary for own survival and happiness.  As our own interests may sometimes fall second or third in line to the duties that are required to raise our families, we cannot forget to take the time we need to focus on what makes us happy.  The truth is that we need to feel good about and show love to ourselves regularly so that we can show our children how to love, value and respect themselves.  We must remind ourselves that everything we do as moms reflects on our children and plays a large role on their future.

What You Can Do Now:

If you are ready to follow your dreams (or if you are feeling out of touch with your inner passions) here are some things you can do to get back on track and reconnect with yourself.

First, take a deep breath and release all of your feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt.  You deserve to have a passion, purpose and personal goals. Everyone does!  Letting go of the idea that you can’t have your own interests because you are a mom is a self-limiting belief that will not serve you or your children well.  Leave these false beliefs behind and move forward with the understanding that by giving yourself your dreams back, you will be happier, more fulfilled and a better mom!

Second, start writing down a list of all of the dreams that you have had throughout your life, even things from childhood that you never thought could be achieved.  No dream is out of reach.  Some may take more creativity to achieve than others, so if you catch yourself saying that something is impossible remind yourself that there was a day when no one could fly!  Now, it’s your turn to spread your wings and soar!

Third, choose your top three dreams and write down 3 to 5 action steps you can take this week to achieve them.  Yes, this week!  Then, commit to and continue with those action steps until you have reached your goals.  Baby steps add up into massive growth very quickly!

Most importantly, enjoy every moment of this process and surround yourself with people who support your dreams.  You really can do whatever you set your mind to.  And when you do, your children will have proof that by taking decisive action dreams really can come true!

Bio: Britt Michaelian, M.A. is an artist and mompreneur with multiple business and a new 12 week coaching program for moms who want to start a passion-based, lifestyle business.  To sign up for her newsletter and gain access to her Business Building Basics for Moms Teleseries, go to

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