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What’s a Modern (Young) Feminist To Do?

The Cornell Daily Sun

Where’s My Post-Feminist Manifesto?

December 1, 2009 – 1:57am
By Julie Block

You know the story: Girl starts middle school as “mean girl.” Poetic justice intervenes, and after mean girl-related trauma in high school, girl swears off other girls for life. Because girl has mostly male friends, other girls deem girl a slut. Girl retaliates by deciding all girls suck, declares that she hates other women, makes the requisite “woman make me a sandwich!” jokes, and tells her mother, spitefully, that she is anti-feminist. (Girl clearly does not know what this means. Mom throws up hands in air.) Then: girl goes to college, meets cool women-folk, starts studying feminism, joins sorority. 3.5 years later, girl has more female than male buds, gets over-reactive to the same sexist jokes she used to make, and has been writing papers about vaginas, columning about breasts and even devoted her entire THESIS to ze wimyns.

Check out the fill article here. (Love it!)