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Welfare Mothers Sing Out

Fight-Back Caroling Caravan

Monday Dec 21, 2009  12:00-2:30

Party Afterward

Meet at: Mothers Organizing Center
2711 W. Michigan, Milwaukee
Bus leaves at 12:15. Will bring carols to a shelter
and a welfare agency.
Call:  342-6662 for more information


Stop TANF in 2010

to the tune of ³Walking in a Winter Wonderland²

Congress meets, Make them listen
To the voices of the victims
The mamas know best why TANF is a mess
Stop TANF in two thousand and ten.

Put an end to sanctions and time limits
Let the Congress know they just ain¹t right
Who will care for sick and growing children
If mamas are denied that right?

Moms need cash and education
Raising kids is no vacation
School must count like jobs
³Work First² simply robs
A mothers chance for living wages too.

All the people need to call for action
So the Congress stops the brutal rule
Of the giant greedy corporations
That treat the workers oh so cruel.

We know why the Welfare bill passed
Why the Congress put the moms last
The bosses want more cash
Off families they can trash
Stop TANF in two thousand and Ten.
The bosses want more cash
Off Workers they can smash
Stop TANF in 2010

The 12 Days of Welfare

to the tune of  The Twelve Days of Christmas

On the first day of welfare
the system gave to me
A worker that never did work

2nd      No food stamps and….
3rd      No call back…
4th.     A five hour wait….
5th     No BEN-E-FITS

6th      One illegal sanction….
7th     Maximus and Workfare….
8th     Phoney Baloney job search….
9th      “Motivation” Meetings….
10th      Ten angry talk shows….
11th      Crooks in charge of welfare….
12th     No child care payments….

The Work That Comes First

tune of  We Wish You a Merry Christmas

The work that a mom does daily
To care for the youth and babies
The work that a mom does freely
Is the worik that comes first

All children need time
And lot¹s of love too
Motherwork IS work
Don¹t let them fool you
Motherwork IS work
That someone must do

All mothers need  pay
And a shorter work day
Motherwork IS work
That must include pay
Motherwork IS work
don¹t we know it, hey!

Reform¹s What It¹s Called

To the tune of Feliz Navidad

Reform¹s what it¹s called
With crooks over all
American  welfare
Is a dis-as-tr-ous nightmare

We need to stop welfare workers lyin¹
We need to stop welfare bosses smilin¹
We need to stop politicians buyin¹
Votes off ugly welfare lies

Privatization of welfare programs
Is Just a way to fund criminal scams
Mothers and kids suffer endless ter-ror
And big business profits soar

Let¹s put an end to the babies dyin¹
Let¹s put an end to the mamas cryin¹
Let¹s put an end to the people buyin¹
Welfare reform that¹s a lie

The USA is a wealthy power
Yet Europe keeps families so much stronger
This country must guarantee support
To each and every minor child

We Will Unite

To the tune of  O  Holy Night

We will unite as long as there¹s injustice
And we are told
that our kids have no worth
They need support,
not ridicule and judgement
Not poverty which is hell on this Earth

We get not hope
They penalize employment
We get no break,  no community support
We need guarantees
for all dependent people
We fi-ight for pay
Oh we fight for caregivers
We¹ll fight and uni-i-ite..
So all may thrive

We Take Care of Mother Earth

To tune of ³O Little Town of Bethlehem²

We take care of Mother Earth
The sick, the young, the old
But our work has no value still
At least that¹s what we¹re told

We live here in Milwaukee
Aren¹t giving up the fight
We will protect our children¹s lives
And fight to get their rights