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Ideas In A Rough Economy!

I feel great!

On the one hand, while companies and individuals emerge from a year of economic obstacles and setbacks, as parks and communities cut back on their programming, etc., the economy groans and contracts trying to hedge a bet on the future, people everywhere wonder – what next?

I say, “Tie another knot in the rope and hang on”.

Each of us has access to unlimited energy, enthusiasm and ideas. All we have to do is open up our minds and hearts!


Ideas are wonderful. Liberating. Free. While some people say ideas are a ‘dime a dozen’, I like to celebrate each and every little precious offering the universe gives me. They keep me charged and keep me moving forward.

Sometimes I have to wait years for an idea to come to fruition, and sometimes my ideas prove to be absolutely silly. But, it was still free to think them. Empowering to explore them. Joyful to watch them come alive.

This year there’s a unique opportunity to highlight the one thing we’ve always loved best- Women-owned and Mom-branded products, projects and businesses. Our platform was created to make large-scale events with unique, empowering programming available to families. For many corporations and especially smaller businesses looking for events to have direct consumer engagement opportunities that have integrity and are affordable, it’s felt like Mamapalooza Festival to the rescue.

We’re marching steadily towards spring with a spring in our step for three reasons:

We have great team members, staff, volunteers, vendors and performers.

We remain committed to our goal of branding mom-entertainment, highlighting women-owned businesses and celebrating commmunity.

We have lot’s of great ideas all the time on how to grow, improve, expand, love. That’s why here at Mamapalooza, we ‘Shout Out Loud’.

Check out a few of our latest brainstorms:

Mothers Day Party

Museum Of Motherhood ~ Register the name of a (M)other you love and have her name live in perpetuity at M.O.M

Show Off Your Business, Project or Passion at Mamapalooza:

Festival Vendors (New York Metro Area Only – More Coming)



Mamazina (One more week- Feb 5th, to place your ad for VERY affordable rates)

Thanks Much and See You Around The Block! Joy Rose

AltUse Find – Mamapalooza

AltUse Find – Mamapalooza

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