Feminism In The Mainstream…

Katherine Lewis Katherine Lewis writes…. on About.com Guide to Working Moms

On this, the first day of a new decade, it seems appropriate to take stock of how far we women have come in the workplace — and how far there is yet to go until we achieve true equality. The first decade of 2000 saw a number of breakthroughs for women in business, government, science and academia, along with the predictable backlashes. One important voice advocating for women in the working world is Feminism 2.0, which I’m making the About Working Moms Site of the Week.

Feminism 2.0 describes itself as a project of Turner Strategies that aims to harness the power of women on the Internet to promote issues that most women support, such as education, health care, workplace fairness and economic security. Given the number of things working mothers have to juggle every day, it’s great to see this kind of initiative where you can participate through an email, Twitter chat, quick blog post or more sustained effort — depending on your availability.
Read the full Blog from Katherine Lewis here.


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