Gals In Our Group Make Headlines!

Yellow Ribbon Family

The Family Tied in Yellow Ribbon

Jennifer Rawlings, a writer, filmmaker, and performer/speaker, whose most recent film, “Forgotten Voices: Women In Bosnia,” has been included in the curriculum of several universities, is a columnist for and an advisory board member of Mamapalooza.This past weekend I was performing at a theatre in my hometown in Kansas. After the first show, the other comedians and I went to a local bar to grab some horrible cardboard pizza and cheap wine. My parents, who still live in the house I grew up in, and my older brother who lives down the street from them, joined us at the musty pub. We sat in the corner on stained red “pleather” couches and had to raise our voices to be heard over the drunken revelers playing pool and foosball. The sound system was blaring a track by Toby Keith singing “I’ll put a boot in your ass.” My hometown was just as I remembered it: rowdy, small …


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