Feminist or Faminist and Why does it have to be Either/Or?

Do We Have To Choose?

Check out this article – Posted by helaineo on May 6th, 2010 at 2:29 pm

422441141 4a950fa3ff 1 300x225 Are You a Feminist or a Faminist?Behold faminism!

Irina Aleksander, writing in this week’s New York Observer, takes a look at the new maternalism, arguing that young women’s energies have morphed from fighting about abortion and birth control and other things that signal autonomy, to issues that impact them as moms. “The feminist battleground, with it’s slogans, marches and campaigns for reproductive rights, has given way to the playground and the fight for lactation rights, stroller rights, school-system rights, unpasteurized milk rights, charter schools, birthing techniques, nutritional value of bagged lunches and water quality. It’s not so much about the Fem as it is about the Fam.”


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