Rockin’ For Empowerment For Women!

Amazing Mom: Joy Rose

by Julie Z. Rosenberg (Subscribe to Julie Z. Rosenberg’s posts) May 9th 2010 3:00PM

Joy Rose, mother, organizer, rock star, with her fabulously feminist daughter Zena. Credit: Courtesy of Joy Rose

Amazing Mom: Joy Rose, founder of Mamapalooza, a popular platform of events for moms in the arts that reaches millions of women around the world. She’s also credited for coining the phrase, Moms Rock!

Joy’s Family: Kids: Brody, 21, Blaze, 18, Ali, 17, Zena, 15

Joy Lives In: Hastings-on-Hudson, New York

Why Joy Is Amazing: Fifteen years ago, Joy Rose was a stay-at-home mom with four children. Ten days after her youngest was born, she was diagnosed with Lupus, which in her case was life-threatening. Seven years, multiple hospital stays and one kidney transplant later, Joy made a commitment to do as much as she could to empower herself and other women to lead better lives.

So she became a rock star.

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