Who Knew – The New York Public Library Was A Good Place To Get A Financial Education?

Advisory Newsletters

Systematic investment advice, including portfolios.
Hulbert Guide to Financial Newsletters at JBL 95-91,
updated by Hulbert Financial Digest at JBM 95-254,
rates performance of newsletters.
Investor’s Information Sourcebook at JBF 00-1431.

This is a list of the advisory newsletters available at the Science, Industry and Business Library.

Bob Brinker’s Marketimer
Latest issues at Delivery Desk; earlier issues at JBM 09-137.
Stock Market Outlook
Federal Reserve Policy Update
Bob Brinker’s Recommended List of No-Load Funds
Interest Rates/Fixed Income In vesting
Marketing Model Portfolios

Dines Letter
35:7 (1995) – date at JBM 97-752.
‘ Original goldbug’; after ‘80s advocated stocks
Tracks foreign stock indexes
Lately, has tracked a group of internet stocks
Growth portfolio outperformed Wilshire 5000

Dow Theory Letters
386(1968) – date at JLM 73-213.
Mainly market timing

There’s lot’s more if you click this link or just visit!

The New York Public Library

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