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Mamapalooza Columbus is a branch of Mamapalooza Inc., a mom-owned and operated mother advocacy organization founded by Joy Rose of New York City. Mamapalooza Columbus is connecting local women, mothers and families through music, expressive arts, activism and education for cultural, economic and social awareness. This past May marks the fourth anniversary of Mamapalooza Columbus which has not only created a buzz, but inspired a Mamapalooza Committee of Coordinators, a Back to School Event and even one of the Mamas being showcased on Mamapalooza TV and the Museum of Motherhood.

It was Mamapalooza Columbus 2010 that inspired four Mothers to unite for the empowerment of the women, mothers and families of Columbus, Ohio. Eileen Clary (HandyGirl!) is leading this committee and is credited with starting the action in Columbus as the Regional Coordinator since 2006. Vanessa Abel (Earth Flutter), Joanie Calem (Sing Along and Dance Along) and Susan Richardson (Exceptional Beyond Labels) have joined Eileen as a Committee of Coordinators and have already begun the planning stages for a Back to School event this fall.  Full Article

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