11 yr old girl writes a book to help end hunger in Orange County, CA!

Izzy and the Candy Palace, a children’s book written by an 11 year old–and  100% of the profits go to Charity. In Orange County, CA there is an 11 year old girl, Isabel J. who recently published a book called “Izzy and the Candy Palace” with the sole objective of raising $$ to support the Kids Cafe project to feed children across the US. With her mom’s help, Isabel initially setup the MMJ Foundation to channel 100% of the book’s profits to the Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County’s Kid’s Cafe program. If the book reaches national status and sales potential, the funds will be more broadly distributed. Isabel is an accomplished writer with numerous awards already under her belt. The story and energy of this young lady prompted notable Orange County based illustrator J.H.Everett to get involved. The result is a fantastic children’s book that has heads turning in the pro world of book publishing.
Just released this week, there is no doubt that it will create a fire storm of interest as the ultimate objective is to use Issy and the Candy Palace as a springboard to initiate a bi-annual children’s writing contest. The Winner’s story will be illustrated and turned into the next book in the series. Ultimately, this expanded program will inspire creativity and philanthropy among children whose ultimate goal will be to help other children in need in their own backyards.

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