Thelma Adams And Astute Observations About ‘Mars’


As a movie critic watching a children’s cartoon for a mainstream magazine, some times I’m torn. Do I review an animated movie for all the little kids who can’t read the subtext? And suck it up myself? Well, I suppose, having my own blog this is the place where I ask: what were the filmmakers thinking in the particular case of Mars Needs Moms, an unadulterated piece of anti-feminist propaganda wrapped in an aggressive 3D sci-fi wrapper.

Here’s the plot: Mars is led by a cranky old crone (what, played in the live action by Hilary Clinton?). The leader is assisted by warrior women with very big hips. I can only imagine that was to appease those angry feminists always complaining about the sylph-like figures in the typical Disney princess cartoon, and the negative impact on girls’ body image.

So, these alien women have advanced to the point that they no longer physically deliver children from internal wombs. Infant Martians pop up from the planet’s crust. The female society immediately splits the squawkers by gender. The females are keepers; the males are tossed through a trash chute to be cared for by the outcast men. The males, though a bit crude, are fundamentally jolly, over-affectionate, and wild in the trash heap where they live and circle dance. You cannot make this up! FULL ARTICLE



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