Thank You Working Mother Magazine For The Shout-Out For Museum Of Motherhood!

Museum of Motherhood Pops Up

There are mustard museums, marble museums and car museums, but no museum dedicated to motherhood. That will soon change when the Museum of Motherhood, led by Executive Director Joy Rose, opens a pop-up space in New York City with a national presence.

Joy Rose has been working for almost a decade to bring a museum dedicated to motherhood to life. Her dream will become a reality this September when theMuseum of Motherhood, or M.O.M., opens a pop-up space on the Upper East Side of New York City—which will includes exhibits, a performance space and teaching facilities. Rose, a mom to four, has a long history of championing mothers. She is the President and Founder of Mamapalooza, which produces large festivals across the country celebrating moms and is also the guitarist and lead singer of a rock band called Housewives on Prozac. Rose won the Susan B. Anthony Award from NOW in recognition of her grassroots activism in 2009.

This entrepreneur mom spoke with Working Mother about the challenges of getting the museum off of the ground, what visitors can expect from the space and why it’s about time mothers have a museum to call their own. Full Article


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