Secrets of a Successful Labor: Conversations with a midwife, a doula, and women who overcame the challenges –

We have some really exciting events – for doulas/birth professionals AND expecting couples – we’d like to share with you and hope that you will be able to attend! For more information please visit our events calendar and register via an email to

The events will be held at the Museum of Motherhood (401 e. 84th and 1st Ave).  Please also feel free to spread the word and post this flyer around your area!

Sunday, April 22 1pm-3pm – (FREE) Secrets of a Successful Labor: Conversations with a midwife, a doula, and women who overcame the challenges –

Are you pregnant and want sound and practical advice on how to labor successfully from women who have witnessed multitudes of births?  Are you a doula and want to learn how to help a woman arrive at her sweet spot?  Join us in this open dialogue with midwife, Kimm Sun of SunRising Midwifery; doula, Elizabeth Mangum-Sarach of BirthFocus, and some NYC new mamas as the panel helps you understand the key to transcending this incredible passage of a woman’s life.


Sunday, April 22 3pm-4pm – (FREE) Sample Birth Empowerment Course 3pm-4pm

This is a course designed specifically for women to connect with their feminine and intuitive side during birth (partners are also welcome to participate and encourage their partners). Using Karen Brody’s FEAR to FREEDOM method, and compilations of other popular childbirth and relaxation methods, this course will offer the opportunity to connect a woman with her body and voice – through movement, relaxation, and writing exercises – to create an action plan towards a more empowered, and present, birth experience and heightened heart/mind awareness.

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