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MAMAPALOOZA Festival Season 2012 A Huge Success

Thanks to sunshine, New York Parks Dept., loyal friends and fans and of course our sponsors, performers and exhibitors – Mamapalooza 2012 was a huge success! Thank you for being part of it!! Links to bands and exhibitors here.

Momma Love – The Book; WANTED ASAP

Momma Love, is finally coming out for Mother’s Day 2013!! Sounds far off, but it will race by in the blink of an eye! Right now, I am doing my damndest to make sure I have left no stone unturned. That I have included a group of stories which, together, touch anecdotally on all the points I’m trying to make about society’s treatment of mothers.
I have a few gaps that I’m hoping to close asap since I am on a serious deadline to finish every little thing, and since you are the queen of all mamas, I was hoping I could reach out to you to see if anyone in your community fills these spots. Would you mind looking through this “casting call” of sorts?
  • A woman who works as a nanny and also has her own young child(ren). I would like to photograph the child she cares for with her and the mother.
  • A homeless mother trying to better life for her child
  • step mom and birth mom photographed with the child they both parent.
  • mom raising transgender child
  • adoptive mother and birth mother in open adoption
I’d love it if the women were located in or around Ny. Like NY, NJ, PA, MA, RI, CT.

MAMAPALOOZA New York City 2012