Educating, Empowering, Enlightening

Mamapalooza, Inc., MOM-Branded, Entertainment, Education & Business:

Dedicated to serving, promoting, celebrating, encouraging, inspiring, and awakening ALL women through Media, Commerce, Connection, and Performing Fine Arts.

Our mission is to enlighten and empower all women to claim their voice by:

  • Establishing a new art form that speaks to the unique and collective perspective of women who are mothers, while sharing this with the world.
  • Creating sustainable programming and opportunities through ongoing events, merchandising, and media presentations.
  • Acting as a resource and lifestyle guide for women seeking support in mainstream and alternative settings.
  • Supporting the choices mothers have made, while educating and empowering them in order to support these choices.

Mamapalooza is:

Women, m/others, musicians, authors, comics, dancers, filmmakers, designers, craftswomen, educators, merchants, and community leaders coming together in a collaborative effort to highlight the challenges of motherhood in an ever-evolving personal, social, cultural, sexual, and political landscape.

Mamapalooza, Inc:

Recognizes and honors the growing awareness of moms; their personal stories, their power as both consumers and constituents, and their continuing need and desire to creatively express themselves while building Mom-based businesses that sustain them.

We recognize that art is a tool for social change. Mamapalooza encourages women to use their medium to build self esteem, break down stereotypes, create unity, encourage diversity, inspire individuality, and empower future generations.

We recognize that art elevates the spirit in times of hardship and transition, lending joy to everyday life. Our creations celebrate our humanity, define our experiences, and serve as healers and peacemakers.

We recognize the vital importance to laying a new foundation for women who are mothers and the impact this has on future generations. Mamapalooza is strongly committed to our youth and is committed to changing the perception that children are a liability in the professional and performing arts world – they are often inspiration and foundation for our creative and commercial endeavors.

Connecting Women, Mothers and Families through Music, Art, Activism and Education for Cultural, Economic & Social awareness. MOMS ROCK!

Mamapalooza, Inc. has produced hundreds of community arts and culture experiences for women and families, inventing and identifying mom-branded entertainment since 2002.

Led by Joy Rose, national radio’s Media Mom, award-winning singer, writer and motivational speaker, Mamapalooza brings together musicians, artists, dancers, filmmakers, writers, business owners, educators, and moms of all kinds to celebrate motherhood and to highlight the challenges caregivers face in an ever-evolving personal, social, cultural, sexual, and political landscape.

A mom-owned and -operated multimedia organization, Mamapalooza was founded by Joy Rose and nurtured along with a core group of dedicated professionals, local event coordinators, community partners, special advisory board and volunteers who have successfully pioneered this new culture of mom-branded performance, business, and activism.

Events, media, workshops, festivals, publications, CDs, membership, and online support connect and entertain through grass-roots programs that empower and support mothers internationally. In addition, Mamapalooza and Joy work in partnership with the Motherhood Foundation, Inc. towards the formation of a Museum Of Motherhood; and with Alignment Media to launch the Mothers Day Today Tour.

Joy created the saying “Moms Rock” in 1997 with her band Housewives On Prozac, (The first “Mom Rock” band ) and partnered with Ephemera, Inc. to create buttons, stickers, magnets, tee shirts, and buzz.

Mamapalooza was named as ‘Best In Girl Power Events’ in 2009, by Westchester Magazine and is a member of the International Mothers Network as well as a holder of trademarks that have included: Papapalooza, Media Mom, MommyGirl GoGo, and Museum Of Motherhood, as well as websites: MamaZtv.com, Media Mom.com, and Mamapalooza.com.

Mamapalooza’s ongoing mission to create authentic, inspirational, large-scale mom-branded experiences that elevate and educate individuals, businesses, and communities reaches millions each year. To this end, Mamapalooza is a steady supplier of varied and exciting programs:

  • Mamapalooza Festivals: free, outdoor, green-friendly events held in multiple venues each Spring and Summer, widely attended by moms and families
  • Branded Concert Stages: dynamic music presentations and special appearances that inspire and enliven at Green Expos, Baby Expos, and other conferences
  • Mamapalooza Media: interactive, engaging websites (mamapalooza.com and Martha Joy Rose), a weekly online TV show at MingleMediaTV, and guest speaking appearances at meetings and educational conferences, as well as theatrical events, television, radio, blogs, and webcasts
  • Mothers Day Party: A new city-to-city tour that connects savvy moms through stylized, celebrity driven events that pamper, inspire, and inform and networking and focus groups.
  • Annual M.O.M  Conference in New York City, where issues relating to the feminist maternal are discussed and debated and where leading academics and institutions from around the world present the latest data on the area of mothering, motherhood, and maternal research

Every program that Mamapalooza produces puts women, mothers, and families at the center of activities. The purpose is to increase opportunities for women in business, celebrate mother art and educate the public about the social issues facing families..

Since 2002, Mamapalooza’s successful year-round efforts have caught the attention of major national and local media institutions such as:

  • Good Morning America
  • Wall Street Journal
  • Fox News
  • BBC
  • USA Today
  • Ladies Home Journal
  • People Magazine
  • NPR Radio
  • The New York Times
  • Sirius/XM Satellite Radio

Supported by our ongoing blog, videos, and web presence via Facebook,YouTube, MySpace, Twitter, Flickr, Blogs, Mom-centric online communities and MamaZtv.com, we generate relevant content for women to learn from, explore, and enjoy.

Building on successful community outreach, past positive results, and relationships with key influencers, we are highlighting the voices of mothers, driving membership, building brand awareness, and gearing up for future large-scale events in 2010 and beyond. Mamapalooza is the nation premier mama-multimedia organization that engages more than 75,000 families at events each year. MOMS ROCK!

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