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This Valentine’s Day….


Beginner At Life and Alana Ruben Free

I first met Alana in 2002 when we were both going through divorces. During these difficult days we supported each other, maniacally wrote about our tribulations, and attempted to make are of our lives. She quickly became involved in Mamapalooza, and I quickly became a staunch fan of hers. I’ve watched her grow and develop as an artist, and our friendship remains strong.

Alana Ruben Free and Joy Rose at Mamapalooza, NYC

Alana Ruben Free and Joy Rose at Mamapalooza, NYC


Here’s a great interview with Alana Ruben Free online at Stay Thirsty Magazine:

In the nimble hands of a savvy storyteller, the deft exploration of an idea can add a powerful dimension to a literary work. In such cases, success usually depends on the delicate balance between idea and story. Too much emphasis on the idea will make the work pedantic; too little dramatic interplay among the characters will render the story lifeless. – Read more….

Disenchanted – A Feminist Family Musical

Ever wonder what happened to the Disney princesses? They all grew up and went “Off Broadway” in this amazing musical, running for 8 more weeks in NYC.



Submissions Opening!

Submissions opening 6/1 for MER 13

      —guidelines up now!

Mom Egg Review wants your best poetry, fiction, creative prose and art for its thirteenth annual issue.  This is a general (non-themed) issue; plus it will contain a special themed folio for poetry, “Compassionate Action,” curated by Contributing Editor Jennifer Jean.

The guidelines can be viewed here.  Please read them carefully before submitting, as they change from year to year.

Please share this info with other wonderful writers and artists. (You can click the buttons at the bottom of this email to forward the email or post on Twitter or Facebook). Thanks!

We look forward to reading your work.