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Disenchanted – A Feminist Family Musical

Ever wonder what happened to the Disney princesses? They all grew up and went “Off Broadway” in this amazing musical, running for 8 more weeks in NYC.



Oops We Did It Again

Under the “Disruptions” section of the New York Times, an article by Nick Bilton was posted on October 1st, called “The Women Tech Forgot.” This article summarizes Walter Isaacson’s new book The Innovators– How a group of Hackers, Geniuses, and Geeks Created the Digital Revolution. The link was forwarded to me by a former retired research professor of physics, Larry Campbell who taught at Hobart College in the late 1960s, until recently. He is a smart guy, and he’s definitely been around the academy. We struck up a friendship about seven years ago. On one of our last visits, I found myself ranting (something I’m actually not prone to doing- I’m more used to singing than ranting but that is another story), about my graduate school courses, which have propelled me to continually ask the question, “Where are the women?” and “How are women’s perspectives being featured?”

Oops we did it again. We called out the issue of full humanness for all people. FULL ARTICLE

Martha Joy Rose - Heratic

Martha Joy Rose – Heratic

M. Joy Rose on WFUV for Mother’s Day Weekend

M. Joy Rose - Feminist Scholar

M. Joy Rose – Feminist Scholar

Announcing WFUV’s Cityscape with George Bodarky. This week’s special episode focuses on Mother’s Day, in honor of the upcoming holiday. It will broadcast on Saturday, May 10, at7:30am on WFUV 90.7FM. It will also stream live on

If you miss the show on Saturday morning, you can also find it on podcast and through our website after it airs:
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M. Joy Rose will also be speaking at The International Mother’s Day Shrine in Grafton, West Virginia on Mother’s Day, May 11, 2014.


Jennifer Rawlings in NYC This Weekend Only

FULL show of “I ONLY SMOKE IN WAR ZONES” on Friday Nov.8 – 6pm Cornelia Street Cafe
I’m doing an 15-20 excerpt from the show on Thursday Nov.7 at 7pm at the prestigious Cherry Lane Theatre.

Mamapalooza Friend, Performer and Mama - Jennifer Rawlings

Mamapalooza Friend, Performer and Mama – Jennifer Rawlings

“I Only Smoke in War Zones”
A collection of true stories from the battlefield (both at home and abroad)

Written and performed by Jennifer Rawlings
Award winning performer Jennifer Rawlings is not your typical mother of five. She is a comedienne who has been traveling to war zones for over a decade to entertain the troops (telling them jokes, of course).

This “must see” solo performance will take you on a roller coaster ride of emotion from the moment the show begins.
Jennifer will lead you on an extraordinary journey of laughter and tears as she weaves together unforgettable stories about family, war and humanity.

Colin Quinn star of Broadway and Comedy Central says-­‐ I love Jennifer’s show because it’s a sad yet funny, ugly yet beautiful story about humanity and inhumanity!
Sally Kirkland Academy Award Nominated Actress says – “I have followed Jennifer’s shows and I think she is just wonderful”

James Morrison star of “24” says -­‐ “ Thank you Jennifer. I want to tell you how much your stories moved me and how deeply thoughtful a tribute it was to the victims of war”
Jillian Lauren best selling author of Some Girls and Pretty says-­ Jennifer Rawlings turns a comic’s eye on the most tragic of circumstances and in doing so offers an engaging and unique personal perspective on global issues and on humanity itself.

Playwright Alana Free -­‐ It is an amazing piece of work. Right from the heart. So clear, direct, and a piece that can change the world!!

Audiences say-­‐ We were truly impressed, especially by Jennifer’s ability to make us laugh out loud…and a few seconds later, to bring us to tears. It was a very moving and memorable experience….

…We are now officially big fans and wanna be groupies.

-­‐-­‐ It’s great to MEAN it when I say you have an extraordinary show. You can take and audience from hilarity to grief and back to hilarity which is pretty nearly impossible.