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A Good Friend in Australia is Like Having a Sister in This World

I’ve known (and Loved) Vee Malnar ever since she made her way from Australia in 2008(?) to attend MaMaPalooZa in NYC. This woman is so brave, so strong, so talented; and I am thrilled that they are continuing a tradition of trans-continental collaboration all these years later. Proud to Announce:

Rhymes With Silence Poster

Domestic violence survivor raises awareness to global level thru live music events!


With 22 years of domestic violence finally behind her, survivor Suzanne Perry combines passion of music with mission to prevent others from falling victim. Through Facebook and live music events, seeking acknowledgments of Eddie Vedder, Yoko Ono. Breaking the silence, starting with her own, Suzanne Perry is setting an example.

Perry was held hostage in her own home; abused, humiliated, assaulted and tortured at the hands of her husband. Lost in the cycle of domestic violence, she left and returned, wanting to believe the love would last and the abuse would stop. Finally, at the threat of her teen running away, Perry made the decision to have her husband arrested following the next beating and today is a public speaker, radio host and DV advocate.

Based on her theory if batterers were in the spotlight – exposed, that they wouldn’t abuse, she created the ‘EXPOSURE Concert: because love shouldn’t hurt,’ a 3-day live musicfest where over 40 bands perform and stream live around the world. The 1st show in August, 2010, was viewed from 8 countries and 34 states. In barely over a year, her nonprofit, “OP Music House,” has accumulated over 4,000 Facebook friends as Perry saturated the Buffalo NY music scene – photographing bands and fans, and handing out “prizes” with her logo featuring the words, “love shouldn’t hurt.”

In June, she is holding “RUMBLE to break the silence,” a motorcycle run followed by a bike/classic car show and vendor fair with live music all day, food and games. FULL ARTICLE