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MamaBlogger365 – Tuning In by Kim Kennings



MamaBlogger365 – Tuning In by Kim Kennings.

MamaBlogger365 – Birth Stories On Demand re: Kelli Stapleton

MamaBlogger365 – Birth Stories On Demand re: Kelli Stapleton – Helping to keep traditions alive. The women’s circle, a collection of stories and how we birth the future generation…….



B’cause MOMS ROCK!

ach year MAMAPALOOZA hosts a Band Of The Year Contest!

So many of the people and projects we work with go on to enjoy success in multiple arenas. Are we dream makers? I guess you could say so! Or we just know how to pick ’em. MAMAPALOOZA is the ONLY large-scale Festival and Media Company that exclusively focuses on Mothers in the Arts, Entertainment, Education and Business.

We have a vital membership program and we hope you’ll consider JOINING MAMA Today.

Anyway, the reason we’re writing this, is we just got GREAT NEWS about Traci and the KORE BAND (Last year’s winner of ‘Band Of The Year). Traci’s in DR Catalog. You think Mom’s can’t rock? Think again! Check out Kore and check out this year’s MAMAPALOOZA ‘Band Of The Year’ winner The Mydols!

MamaPUBlooza is a owned and operated as a subsidiary of Mamapalooza Inc. Film, Music, Books, and more….. Contest takes place October of each year annually.

877.711.MOMS (6667)

To submit videos all year long: YouTube.com/JoinMama write us for the password and we’ll feature you on the website and play you on ourMingleMediaTV show, each Wed. 7PM (EST)  AND Mail CDs for PLAYLIST and TV Feature to:


Free Music For Kids: Martin Luther King’s Birthday

Enjoy FREE Download for Martin Luther King’s Birthday
LYRICS: I Have a Dream – Words and Music by Daria a. MarMaluk-HajioannouDr. Martin Luther King had such a wonderful vision for a new world – A world of respect and dignity for all people. If we share these ideas – we can truly all be “kings”.

There’s a man I think you’ve heard of His name is Martin Luther King He wanted a world of peace and love He said “I have a dream”

I have a dream I have a dream I’ve been to the mountaintop and I’ve seen… I have a dream

I know that this is possible I know that this can be If each one can learn to live with love Then we can all be free

If you share this vision You know it’s not a difficult thing We can build a world of peace and love And we can all be queens and “kings”