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Politics as Usual or Politics by Women!

Reprint of Women’s Media Center Commentary by Carol Jenkins

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As all political eyes move to the vice presidential picks, the WMC is tracking the media’s examination of possible women candidates, and we will explore in depth as we go along. Most names mentioned are sitting governors or other politicians. One notable exception comes from the business world.

Stuart Rothenberg’s recent musings about Carly Fiorina as a vice presidential running mate for John McCain were enlightening. He clearly viewed her candidacy seriously. The former head of Hewlett Packard has become a media frontwoman for the presumed Republican nominee, picking up praise in Republican circles as she travels the country making his case.

Carly FiorinaI once saw Fiorina in action, and she left an indelible impression: never have I seen a woman with so firm a sense of self-assurance. She was speaking at a Women’s Leadership Exchange event just after her memoir, Tough Choices, was published. She took up every inch of the stage, strutting from one end to the other, occasionally referring to her notes at the podium–but really, giving us a display of unabashed confidence sometimes not so evident in women. I understood how she had convinced the boards of HP and Compac to unite, against their wills. As we know now, that turned out somewhat badly for her: she lost her job, but did walk away with a reported $42 million in severance.

Fiorina’s described as a moderate: she knows the economy, she’s managed thousands of employees, she’s a fighter–and she knows how to close the deal.  She’s also a media familiar. Despite all that, Rothenberg comes to the conclusion that without the vetting of running for office before, she may be just too risky–and controversial.

Hillary ClintonThe other fascinating piece to surface this week was Michael Goodwin’s switch on Hillary Clinton-now claiming that perhaps she is the best VP candidate for Obama after all. This after the NY Daily News columnist ran an unrelenting series of anti Hillary rants with titles like “Hillary Clinton is One Sorry Sight on her Way to Defeat” and “Hillary is Her Own Worst Enemy” throughout the primary season.

Goodwin was apparently so moved by Clinton’s appearance in Unity, New Hampshire that he now says. “Clinton’s Friday performance adds to my growing belief the dream ticket is an on-again possibility.”  Of course, much of the article talked about Obama’s reversal on some key “change” issues. According to Goodwin, “So, if he’s going to act like a Clinton, why not team up with one?”

It seems there are still plenty of surprises and excitement left in the presidential campaign. We will monitor the media developments and keep you informed. Support The Women’s Media Center in our effort to make sure that women’s voices are heard.

Check out the womensmediacenter.com

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Sexism Sells, But We’re Not Buying

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Republished: From The Womens Media Center
Carol JenkinsMay 23, 2008

In this most rigorous of primary seasons the subjects of gender and race have been pummeled, the youngest voters and oldest-ever candidate minutely scrutinized, and now we are required to sort ourselves by class.

In fact, the fracturing of our identities into gender, race, class, and age has been so thorough that the main task we have as a nation now is pulling ourselves together into a whole. If we’re lucky, this new nation will be an improvement on what we had. If we don’t exert every effort at reconciliation, these historic breakthroughs in political participation will be for naught. Media’s involvement in our division–and its responsibility in the healing–cannot be underestimated.

Our concerns here at The Women’s Media Center are just that–women and media: how women participate and how they are portrayed. For the past several months we  have been monitoring comments made during this campaign, as have others (see Marie Cocco’s Misogyny I Won’t Miss).  There has been a disturbing element that goes beyond disagreement with the issues-and steps into the territory of outright sexism.

Sexism in the MediaWith several partners, including the National Women’s Political Caucus, we have pulled together a video compilation of some of the most egregious remarks that aired recently on television. We call it “Sexism Sells, But We’re Not Buying.”  Not all the clips are aimed at Hilary Clinton, but a lot are.  As a non-partisan organization, we do not support any candidates.  But this isn’t a partisan issue: it’s about making sure that women’s voices are present and powerful in our national dialogue. If you haven’t already, please click on the image at right to watch the video, and sign our petition. We’ll make sure the media executives get your responses. Together we can and must win this fight.

P.S. I love Hilary Clinton – Sincerely, Joy Rose www.mamapalooza.com

Spiritual Punk Motherhood


Reprinted from Julia Fenster

Last night I attended an opening night event for Mampalooza, an arts conference and festival celebrating motherhood. The room was filled with an array of supporters from members of the Association for Research on Mothering (part of York University in Toronto), to Alana Ruben Free who publishes the Mom Egg Literary Journal to entrepreneurs, musicians, artists and writers. And of course in their midst, floating across the room was the always outrageous, outspoken and punkishly glamorous Joy Rose, founder of Mamapalooza (who also writes the “Living Loud w/Joy Rose” column on The Lohasian).

The energy in the room was filled with the raw excitement of creativity as women readily exchanged business cards and discussed projects and business’ – in many ways a typical networking event. But what made this event unique, and the events that follow this weekend in NYC, is less the fact that these women happen to be mothers but that they are women who celebrate themselves as fully expressed individuals in light of the challenges of motherhood. For some motherhood is the very subject of exploration in their creative work. For others creativity is nurtured in, and manifested through, parts of oneself that are totally separate of their identity as a mother. The beauty of what Mamapalooza represents is that mothers are to be self defined instead of socially defined, and allows for each women to discover her own individual self – separate of social constructs. http://www.thelohasian.com/2008/05/spiritual-punk-motherhood-inside.html


May is Mother’s Month*Celebrate with MAMAPALOOZA!

Letter from the President

Every year I feel like saying, this has been the best year ever! Well it has.

With the successful registration of the Motherhood Foundation and Mamapalooza Festival Stages solidifying their place in local communities, partnerships and alliances with other Mom-minded organizations are on the rise.

Last year and this year sees us partnering with great feminist organizations like Women’s Media Center, ARM ~ Association for Research on Mothering and government organizations like Office For Women, Westchester, New York and Camden Parks, Educational Institutions like the campus of Irvine and Mom businesses like our community partnership at Hot Moms Club. Wow, that is beautiful work.

We are poised to face our next big challenge head on.

When we started putting a name and face on performance by women who were mothers six years ago, we invented a genre. The next challenge we face has to do with translating our numbers into a formula big business can recognize. We are many and we are mighty. Our mission must continue to empower women not only through performance, but through financial stability.

This does not mean compromising our creativity or our values, but it does mean taking stock and collectively counting our numbers, because the numbers do not lie.

Over 35 Print, Media and Radio Partners
Over 20 Partners in University, Parks Depts, Hospital and Women’s Organizations
Over 20 Festival Sponsors including the US Postal Service, Avon, Coppertone and Sam Ash Music
Over 50 Onsite Vendors & Craftswomen
Over 77 Other associations including The United Way, Tupperware, Office of Hispanic Affairs
Over 400 Artists, Musicians & Educators on….
Over 40 Stages, Theaters, Parks and Clubs throughout the month of May 2008

Moms Rock and so do YOU!
Thank you for helping to change the world one song, shout, yelp and hiccup at a time.
Remember, even when we’re overwhelmed, underpaid and completely unsure how to move forward, we HAVE CREATED SOMETHING GREAT, MEANINGFUL and CELEBRATORY TOGETHER.

All My Congratulations to All The Mamapalooza Mamas and our Friends, Fans and Family!
Good luck with all your shows and remember to love each other.
Joy Rose