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The Status of Mother Art Around the World

ProCreate Project is due to launch at the Women´s Art Library at Goldsmiths University in London, England on the 15th of December, 2015. Over 100 featured ‪#‎motherartists‬. #JoinMama Book your free ticket here [LINK]

Here is my personal statement regarding the current status of mother-art around the world by M. Joy Rose:

(Martha) Joy Rose

I’ve been organizing the Mamapalooza Festival (worldwide) since 2002, which was inspired by the adventures of my mom-rock band, Housewives on Prozac (1997-2008). The intention was to support a mother-made-arts-movement and to activate social change for women who were mothers because: a) mother-made art was not being encouraged, b) venues for maternally-inspired artistic expression were non-existent. Motherhood generates its own reasons for celebration as well as illuminating a unique set of challenges. It was my very strong feeling that women who were artists should not ignore the procreative and caregiving aspects of their new-found embodied existence and that opportunities for mother-made-art should flourish.

By creating an inclusive, large-scale platform, I licensed the festival to event organizers ultimately reaching four countries and twenty-five cities. Hoping to open the portals to individual (and family) creativity as well as call attention to the specific issues women who are mothers and caregivers face. The festival garnered millions of followers through media stories generated by local events. The issues we tackled were broadly related to everything from acknowledging the liberating power of creative self-expression amidst the self-sacrificing nature of motherhood, to enhancing community engagement, as well as educating families at risk in the health, economic, and the reproductive justice arena.

ProCreateAfter years of organizing and promoting Mamapalooza through our non-profit Motherhood Foundation Inc. (2003-2010), the focus shifted to the long-term goal of having a physical location for the Museum of Motherhood. We procured a donated space in New York City from 2011-2014 where 60,000 people from around the world enjoyed our collaborative location. M.O.M. is currently online and conducts international academic conferences on the topic of mother studies (2005-ongoing). I got my graduate degree in mother studies in 2015 and am teaching through the museum portal, conducting classes in “families and social change” at Manhattan College, and writing about my experiences. Goals include continued international partnerships and a next-level space for exhibitions, classes, and archiving the science, art, and history of mothers, fathers, and families. The Mamapalooza Outdoor Extravaganza Festival continues to host approximately 10,000 families on the third Sunday of May each year in partnership with the New York Parks Department at Riverside Park South in Manhattan, USA.

I am thrilled to collaborate with the Procreate Project! Please stay in touch through MOMmuseum.org. See alsoMamapalooza.com #JoinMama @MarthaJoyRose @MOMmuseum @Mamapalooza

MJR Personal Statement (2015)

SEX IN MOMMYVILLE A New Comedy by Anna Fishbeyn

July 27-31, 2011- Three PerformancesWednesday, July 27 @ 9pmFriday, July 29 @ 9pmSunday, July 31 @ 3pm

Manhattan Repertory Theatre
303 West 42nd Street, Third Floor
New York, NY  10036

For more information on the festival, visit www.ManhattanRep.com

For more information on the show, visit www.SexInMommyville.om

Tickets – $20 / for tickets call 646-329-6588

(New York – June 22, 2011) – The Manhattan Repertory Theatre presents Sex in Mommyville, a new comedy by Anna Fishbeyn.  The cast of six includes Anna Fishbeyn, Felicia Masia , Frank Trezza, Kelly Calabrese, Peter Quinones, Angie Shultz.  Sex in Mommyville will play at the Manhattan Repertory Theatre, 303 West 42nd Street, 3rd Floor, NYC, 10036 for three performances from July 27-31, 2011.

In the new comedy-drama, Sex in Mommyville, a guilt-ridden, health-conscious, sex-starved Manhattan mom battles her blackberry-hijacked Wall-Street-lawyer husband, Zeus.  Add to this backdrop failed sex attempts, ingenious children, over-eager Russian parents who refuse to leave, encounters with moms baring their lives on talk shows and a flock of MILFs. The result is a fearless portrayal of modern motherhood and devastating commentary on the state of feminism today.

“I realized very quickly after I gave birth to my second child that I was not alone in my struggles to juggle a career and two children,” stated playwright Anna Fishbeyn. “ Mothers everywhere I met struggled to achieve respect within their marriages and at work, while fashioning new identities for themselves. I felt inspired to use humor to give voice to these extraordinary women, and speak out on their behalf.”

Sex in Mommyville is presented by the Manhattan Repertory Theatre Summerfest 2011.  Assistant Director, Molly Ballerstein; Publicist: Paul Siebold/Off Off PR.

Sex in Mommyville plays for three performances on the following schedule: Wednesday, July 27 @ 9pm; Friday, July 29 @ 9pm; Sunday, July 31 @ 3pm.

Anna Fishbeyn is a playwright and performer. Her one-woman solo show, Sex in Mommyville, played at the Flea Theater in August 2010. The show received rave reviews from critics and parents alike.  Stewart Lewis of WCBS radio called Fishbeyn a “comic genius,” and described the show as a poignant critique of our society’s treatment of women.  Mothers have called the show “The Vagina Monologues for MOMS” and “chicken soup for marriages.”  The show has been featured at the famed La MaMa Experimental Theater Club, Stuyvesant Town, the JCC, and played at the Museum of Motherhood Conference, sponsored by Mamapalooza.  Ms. Fishbeyn has transformed the solo show into an ensemble piece for its premiere at Manhattan Repertory Theatre in July 2011.

Ms. Fishbeyn holds a B.A. from the University of Chicago, an MFA in Fiction from New School University, and Ph.D. from Columbia University. Ms. Fishbeyn’s articles, such as, “Wall Street Makeover,” “The Silence of Jane Eyre,” and “The Miniskirt Dilemma,” examine the media-engendered pressures and socially acceptable double-standards affecting women and mothers today. Her novel-in-progress, The Matrimonial Flirtations of Emma Kaulfield, depicts a woman grappling with feminism, love and a splintered identity.

The run time for Sex in Mommyville is 90 minutes with no intermission

Tickets are $20 and can be reserved by calling 646-329-6588.

Manhattan Repertory Theatre is located at 303 W. 42nd St. (at 8th Ave.) on the Third Floor.

Manhattan Repertory Theatre was founded in August 2005 by Ken Wolf, Artistic Director and Jennifer Pierro, Director of Productions. Since its inception, MRT has produced over 600 plays and worked with over 4000 theatre artists.  MRT’s mission is to help all artists get their work produced in a professional, supportive and clean environment.

Subsequently, Anna will be bringing her talents to the Museum Of Motherhood, opening in Manhattan on Sept. 1st. Check back to see MOM’s growing schedule of events.

Press nights are for all performances.  Artwork and photos are available at www.offoffpr.com/mommyville.html