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Joy Rose Featured Story This April At MotherhoodLater.com

Joy Rose



Joy Rose

Age: 53 (A later mom with her 4th child)

Marital Status: Single
Residence: Hastings On Hudson, NY
Children: Brody 20 (M), Blaze 18 (M), Ali 17 (M), Zena 16 (F)

Profession: Joy Rose is the MediaMomTM and president of Mamapalooza Inc. – a Media and Events Company priding itself on; Women-Empowered, Mom-Branded, Entertainment, Education and Business. She is primarily concerned with amplifying the voices of women with a special emphasis on mothers and is the Susan B. Anthony award recipient for her work on behalf of women and girls from NOW-NYC (2009). She has been featured in the indie film Momz Hot Rocks, and is the founding executive director of the Museum Of Motherhood in addition to MuseumOfMotherhood (BLOG),www.Mamazina.com (Magazine). Joy is probably best known for coming up with the saying ‘Moms Rock’, which can be found on popular bumper stickers and tee shirts. Her weekly online TV show airs each Wed. on MingleMediaTV at 7PM (EST).

Q: You had your children when you were both under age 35 and over. Why did you decide to become a mom later in life? Tell us what your road to parenthood was like.

A: My first child was born when I was 32. My last, a daughter, when I was 37. I was passionately engaged in the music scene in New York City and married my husband just after filming a video for MTV. I felt the first rustlings of desire for motherhood sometime after my 30th birthday, and it was an intense stirring in my soul. Watching my body transform from dancer and performer through pregnancy was challenging. So much of my self-image was based on the way I looked, it was hard to watch my body distort itself and shift, although pregnancy agreed with me. So, much so that I repeated the experience every year and a half for five more years; 1994-1997. The births were easy. The babies were addicting. They were so beautiful. So extraordinary and I blossomed as a mother. I truly would have gone on having babies until I couldn’t any more (think Duggers) except I became ill during my last pregnancy. FULL INTERVIEW

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