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The Pop Stars Play Mother’s Day, Upcoming CT and MA!

The POP Stars is, from left, Tim Neves, Dave Ripp, Ira Kittrell, Tibor Nemeth, John Marczewski, John Powers and Tom Farrell



HERE’S THE GANG: John Powers, acoustic guitar, lead vocals, Holliston; Tibor Nemeth, electric guitar, Winston-Salem, N.C.; John Marczewski, keyboards, vocals, Holliston; Ira Kittrell, mandolin, vocals, Holliston; Tim Neves, harmonica, vocals, Natick; Tom Farrell, bass guitar, vocals, Holliston; Dave Ripp, drums, Natick

WE PLAY: “Our speciality is good time folk rock with a jug band feel. Our original songs were about the challenges and funny moments of parenthood when our kids were growing up,” John Powers said. The POP Stars is known for “fun shows in which kids can dance along and parents can laugh,” he said. They often bring miniature tambourines and bells for youngsters in their audiences to play. The performances are appropriate for children from “infants to the age of 12.”

OUR SOUND: “We’ve got an upbeat, positive vibe. We play the music you might hear sitting on your porch.”

HISTORY: The POP Stars was born in 2005 when Powers and several other first-time dads performed in the Holliston Library singing songs he’d written about parenthood. “POP Stars became our support group,” he recalled.

WE MADE THE SCENE AT: The POP Stars performed at Holliston’s 2009 July 4th concert. They were the only male band invited to perform last year at Mamapalooza in New York City and played Father’s Day at Georges Island in Boston Harbor

Full Article and Upcoming Gigs

Most Amazing Moms (and Dads)

Check out Brett Singer with ‘Dads Can Stay Home With The Kids’

Discussions of successful women always seem to include the notion of being forced to make a choice: time with the kids, or career advancement. Parents should consider that dads can stay home with the kids, too.

It is also possible for men to make a choice to take on more responsibilities at home. There is nothing wrong with the traditional 1950s-style family, where the husband goes to work and the wife takes care of the kids. But there also is nothing wrong with the reverse. In my family, it’s me, the dad, who is the head of the household.

A few years ago, my wife and I decided that I would be the one to stay home with the kids. I had been self-employed for a long time, and I was still going to work, but strictly from home. As the kids get older and have more things to deal with, I continue to make adjustments to my schedule — sometimes daily…. More

Also please see Kristin Mashka’s GREAT book: ‘Remodeling Motherhood‘.

Find out this Sunday!

Every hour for the 24 hours of Mother’s Day, an amazing mom will be featured. Get an inside look at her inspirations, learn about her family and take a peek at her guilty pleasures!

It all begins at midnight on Sunday, May 9th

Mothers Day Party Presents The Largest Mothers Day Party In The World With Mamapalooza Stages – Moms Rock The World!

Mothers Day Party, with Mamapalooza Stages, celebrates Mother’s Day this year with 200 house parties and 2,000 participants plus Mama-talent on stages in New York and California.

Mothers Day Party – The Largest Mothers Day Party In The World
With Mamapalooza Stages ~ Moms Rock The World!

The premier international organization for Women in the Arts
…who are raising children as well!

WHEN: May 7, 8, 9th 2010. Presenting Multiple Platforms for Mothers Day Party 2010 ~ The Largest Mothers Day Party in the world! In addition to 200 house parties with 2,000 participants, stages will rock with Mama-talent this Mother’s Day weekend.

WHERE: Various homes and venues across the country including MOMEDY COMEDY™ at Broadway Comedy Club, 318 W. 53rd St., New York City, Friday and Saturday, May 7 & 8th at 6PM. All Star Mom-Band Lineup at Kulak’s Woodshed 5230 ½, Laurel Canyon Blvd. N. Hollywood, CA 91607, 8-10PM

WHO: Presented by the largest Mothers Day Party, http:// www.MothersDayParty.com. Our mission is to reach women where they live, work and play.

FEATURING: East Coast: May 7 & 8th, 6PM. Nancy Lombardo and friends with MOMEDY COMEDY™ in NYC. Nancy was was the leading member of the award winning comedy troupe The First Amendment, performing with the likes of Robin Williams and Bruce Willis – Nancy will be joined by a cast of Mom-medians for 2 special engagements.

West Coast: May 8th, 8-10PM. Mom bands will rock the stage in California on Saturday night with Women On The Move. The award-winning trio consists of three indie artists, Joan Enguita, Linda Geleris and Trish Lester. Also performing, Stacy Robin and the Mama Earth Band, a masterful songwriter with acclaimed commercial releases, appearing with the Mama Earth Band, plus, Arlene Kole with stories and songs of inspiration and true-life tales. Janeane Bernstein ‘MomzRockTheHouse’ Radio will MC with a live internet broadcast, emceed by Janeane Bernstein, host of Momz Rock The House Radio. Mary Kay pampering supplies by Bobbie Lewis, jewelry by Gina Venturini, chair massages by Debby Johnson. Info: http://kulakswoodshed.com/webcast

West Coast: Rockin’ Moms show-Celebrate Mama- May 8th, 2010, 10-5PM. Rockin’ Moms will perform at this event, with Tifffany Petrossi, Sugarplums, Gypsy, Mitchelle Tanner, Gayle Day and Breathing Room. Mom vendors, gift bags, bounce house and fun. Brentwood CA. Info: http://www.brentwoodmamafestival.com

PARTNERS: Mothers Day Party brings together the talents of Joy Rose, MAMAPALOOZA, Pete Scott, Mothers Day Today, Susan Newton, ‘The Shower Diva’, Suzanne Dawson, MA, Jennifer Nevadomski, ‘Our Family’, Jennifer Kampmeier, BeBepaluzza and Ellen Spragins, ‘Letters To My Younger Self’, for a positive, inspiring and connected Mothers Day experience, with social media, videos, a special message from Sarah Ferguson, video from Joy Rose, Media Mom™ and Mingle Media TV. Exclusive product shipped in party boxes to each Mom-bassador across the country.

SPONSORS INCLUDE: Dunkin’ Donuts, Mamazina Magazine, Parents Choice, Glee Gum Bioalge, Truvia, Letters To My Younger Self, Bada Bada Bingo, Party Scratchers, Planet Us, Mamapalooza CDs, Hospitality Mints, YumNuts, Barbara Beery and Batter Up Kids, Plain White Press, Elements Massage and Ojolie.com, Sam Ash Music.

RAISING AWARENESS and FUNDS for the Museum Of Motherhood www.MuseumOfMotherhood.org. Collaborators include: Mimika Cooney, PhotoLyrical Photography, NC, MWild Photography, NYC, Elements Therapeutic Massage, West Linn, OR, Just Imagine U Salon, Croton, NY.

For More Info:
Joy Rose, 877.711.MOMS (6667)

joy ( @ ) mamapalooza dot com


Ideas In A Rough Economy!

I feel great!

On the one hand, while companies and individuals emerge from a year of economic obstacles and setbacks, as parks and communities cut back on their programming, etc., the economy groans and contracts trying to hedge a bet on the future, people everywhere wonder – what next?

I say, “Tie another knot in the rope and hang on”.

Each of us has access to unlimited energy, enthusiasm and ideas. All we have to do is open up our minds and hearts!


Ideas are wonderful. Liberating. Free. While some people say ideas are a ‘dime a dozen’, I like to celebrate each and every little precious offering the universe gives me. They keep me charged and keep me moving forward.

Sometimes I have to wait years for an idea to come to fruition, and sometimes my ideas prove to be absolutely silly. But, it was still free to think them. Empowering to explore them. Joyful to watch them come alive.

This year there’s a unique opportunity to highlight the one thing we’ve always loved best- Women-owned and Mom-branded products, projects and businesses. Our platform was created to make large-scale events with unique, empowering programming available to families. For many corporations and especially smaller businesses looking for events to have direct consumer engagement opportunities that have integrity and are affordable, it’s felt like Mamapalooza Festival to the rescue.

We’re marching steadily towards spring with a spring in our step for three reasons:

We have great team members, staff, volunteers, vendors and performers.

We remain committed to our goal of branding mom-entertainment, highlighting women-owned businesses and celebrating commmunity.

We have lot’s of great ideas all the time on how to grow, improve, expand, love. That’s why here at Mamapalooza, we ‘Shout Out Loud’.

Check out a few of our latest brainstorms:

Mothers Day Party

Museum Of Motherhood ~ Register the name of a (M)other you love and have her name live in perpetuity at M.O.M

Show Off Your Business, Project or Passion at Mamapalooza:

Festival Vendors (New York Metro Area Only – More Coming)



Mamazina (One more week- Feb 5th, to place your ad for VERY affordable rates)

Thanks Much and See You Around The Block! Joy Rose