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Passion Of The Hausfrau Play Coming To Westchester, NY

The Passion of the Hausfrau–the show–is making its first New York appearance, at the White Plains Performing Arts Center, February 3rd through the 13th. Come watch the show The Portland Phoenix described as “comedic genius.” And spread the word!

I’ll be there selling books and enjoying the show. Hope to see you!
For tickets and more info: http://www.wppac.com/
For info on the Hausfrau show

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Reconciling Motherhood
Mother Artists, Mother Feminists, Mother Activists, Mother Academics – Who Needs ‘Em?

Why in the twenty first century do we need a ‘Motherhood Movement’ at all? Haven’t mothers done more harm than good? They’ve played with our psyches, polluted the planet and, if Sigmund Freud is to be believed, we’d be better off without all that guilt. Exactly! For centuries mothers who were artists, educators, feminists and more were an oxymoronic concept. And yet, they existed. Carving out unique spaces for themselves in an often unwelcoming professional world or worse, sometime difficult home lives where social pressure and financial hardship went hand in hand with the path less taken. Long denigrated as a viable topic for serious artistic or other practice, motherhood is gradually gaining credibility and increasing it’s visibility outside the birth room. Phyllis Chesler, Alana Ruben Free, Andrea O’Reilly and many others have paved the way to combining this life-altering role with a successful and passionate careers. Institutions, however, are slow to change. As in centuries past, motherhood can still serve as a detriment in both the art, activist and academic communities.

Music By Pollywood

Hosts: Joy Rose, Linda Z