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Submissions Opening!

Submissions opening 6/1 for MER 13

      —guidelines up now!

Mom Egg Review wants your best poetry, fiction, creative prose and art for its thirteenth annual issue.  This is a general (non-themed) issue; plus it will contain a special themed folio for poetry, “Compassionate Action,” curated by Contributing Editor Jennifer Jean.

The guidelines can be viewed here.  Please read them carefully before submitting, as they change from year to year.

Please share this info with other wonderful writers and artists. (You can click the buttons at the bottom of this email to forward the email or post on Twitter or Facebook). Thanks!

We look forward to reading your work.

Special One Day Writing Workshop / Women Find Your Voice!


Special One Day Writing Workshop with The MOM Egg at the Museum of Motherhood. Sponsored by NYSCA and Poets & Writers. Register by writing TheMomEgg@gmail.comMOM_Egg

Marjorie Tesser’s New Book Available Now For Pre-Order; The Magic Feather

“Marjorie Tesser’s twenty-first century take on traditional myths and fairytales is charming, inventive, and full of bold ideas and images that turn the tables on the originals.  Well-written and sometimes comic but always serious, these are women for our times!” —Hettie Jones, author of Doing 70 and Becoming Hetty Jones

“Tesser takes readers into the untold stories of fairies, Dorothy in Oz, Alice in Wonderland, Red Riding Hood; the mothers, grandmothers, princesses, and queens each offer their own take never celebrated in Mother Goose and other gatherings of popular fables.  The Magic Feather takes a feminist perspective reminiscent of Anne Sexton’s Transformations and the contemporary anthology The Poets’ Grimm.” —Tara Betts, author of Arc & Hue

The book is available for pre-order now through the end of April,.Order The Magic Feather by Marjorie Tesser

$14.00 per copy plus $1.49 each for shipping

Send shipping address along with check or money order made payable to:Finishing Line Press l Post Office Box 1626 l Georgetown, KY 40324 l Or order at: http://www.finishinglinepress.com/NewReleasesandForthcomingTitles.htm

Paris in New York! Bonjour, Friends! Book Release with Jamie Cat Callan

Paris in New York!
Bonjour, Friends!
Come celebrate the release of my latest book,
Bonjour, Happiness!
I’ll be at New York City’s

Tribecca Barnes & Noble
(97 Warren Street)
Tuesday, April 26th at 7p.m.
Learn the secrets to joie de vivre!
Oooh la la!!!!
Hope to see you there.

Review: A recipe for happiness with ingredients that you don’t have to travel far to find.
Accustomed to the American pursuit of happiness, Callan (
French Women Don’t Sleep Alone, 2009, etc.) explores her French roots to find fulfillment in life’s simple pleasures. The spirit of the book centers around the idea that: “In America, we’ve come to think that bigger and faster is better. But suppose it is the opposite—smaller and slower is better?” Through her travels, interviews and self-exploration, the author reveals the importance of living in the moment, and she offers delightful recipes for living. If you stop gormandizing, you will enjoy your meal, drop a few pounds and maybe even find a companion as depicted in Callan’s instructions for a Roquefort soufflé. She urges readers to sit down and enjoy their coffee, to be inspired by their surroundings. Through a series of complimentary anecdotes, the author asks readers to examine how they lead their lives. Why not take the stairs? Why not take pride in what you wear, even if that means merely putting on some sexy lingerie? Why not use the fine china more often? Even though the author traveled to France to discover the art of happiness, she gives tangible suggestions on how to live like the French no matter where you are.
Translates the joie de vivre into a language of life that is not so foreign.