“It isn’t May without Mamapalooza.” Westchester Family Magazine

“This is the BEST event we’ve done in Westchester. Fantastic. So many people. So many leads. So much great excitement.” Fresh Direct, Westchester, NY

“Dear Joy. I love Mamapalooza. I have to tell you that I met so many great leads and contacts from the event that it has kept me so busy!  In my 3 years of doing Shaklee, it was the BEST event I ever went to!  Thanks so much.” WOB Vendor, Manhattan, NY

“Thank you for letting us participate at this totally rockin’ event. We’ll be back every year.” Attendee, Westchester, NY

This is another contact and future business partner I met at your Mamapalooza event!  I am still working the contacts from the event!  It and you are truly the best!  Can’t wait to see you again soon.” Wellness Education, Westchester, NY

“This is great. What a fantastic things for Moms and families everywhere.” Performers, Antigone Rising

“This is my 3rd year coming. Thank you for all you do Mamapalooza.” Collingswood, NJ

Just wanted to thank you for the odd career boost resulting from the Comedy Momedy show that I did at the Laugh Lounge in ’06 as part of Mamapalooza ’06. I’m going to be competing in the Northeast regionals after being picked from the national auditions for Nick At Nite’s Funniest Mom in America 3 and never would have started writing comedy in this direction as intensely if it wasn’t for that Mamapalooza show. Got to love that Barbara Singer for asking me to do it. I just used to be an old East Village chick, now I’m an old East Village chick who moved with a kid. Thanks for giving us a place to do our thing. ~ Jessie Baade

Something amazing happened to me today. I have always struggled with my passions, and which to pursue. In college, I am a science major, but I dream of becoming a rock songwriter and musician. Well, I never read Oprah magazine, but I saw one lying in the living room (my mother had bought it) and I felt compelled to read it. Going through it, I noticed a beautiful projection of me. It was an outstretched hand with glittery black nail polish, and was dressed just like I do. It was what I have seen dreaming of my time as a rock star. I looked at it and knew God was telling me to pursue my dream. This honestly, looked so much like me and how i like to dress. I looked at the name and my heart leaped. It said Joy Rose. My name is Joy and this summer I picked out the pride of our garden and name of my future daughter, Rose. When I got on a site with a letter you had wrote on it, I read that you had a kidney transplant and knew I was destined. I just got my transplant too. If you ever wonder if you’ve made a true difference in someone’s life, you have. My passion is on fire, and i know this has been a sign. Deep inside, I know what I am to do. God has shown me Thank you! ~ Anonymous

My mantra: “I am in there somewhere” I am a 48 year old mother of three–living—but longing to thrive—in Bangor, Maine. I am a painter, I am an Artist, and work as a registered nurse to give MORE of myself. I am so inspired by you and your courage. I, too want my children to know what else there is to me. I am wondering if there is any venue for visual art connected with you guys or mamapalooza. I have a lot to say about my observations, contradictions, joys, etc of motherhood..but I can’t sing or write. I can hardly type. Please write back. ~ Love, Joan

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